About the Project

Passport of success for children and youth with visual impairments”, project initiated by Pontes Association in partnership with DASM (Department of Social and Medical Assistance Cluj Napoca) and ASCOR (Association of Romanian Orthodox Students Cluj Napoca) aims to reduce inequalities and social exclusion of children and young people with disabilities (the visually impaired) through participatory involvement of local public and private social actors in a sustainable network in the medium and long term in the community.

The project is implemented over 18 months, 05/07/2015 – 10/31/2016. The project value is 1.117.802,33 lei from which 1.004.691,33 lei grant and 113.111,00 lei represent the private contribution.

The target group consists of 504 people:

  • 115 children and youth with visual impairments;

  • 24 decision makers and experts from the private and public sector and citizen groups;

  • 15 parents/teachers of children with visual impairments;

  • 350 individuals without visual impairments from the local community

The project aims:

  1. The development of a network of 24 carefully selected specialists from public and private social actors interested in the issue of blind persons, the conception (4 months) and monitoring (14 months) of an action plan to reduce the discrimination in Cluj county.

  2. Conducting an information and awareness campaign on the discrimination of people with visual impairments in Cluj county. The campaign will run from July 2015 to Octomber 2016, under the concept „Listen to the UnSeen City”.

  3. Involving 115 children and youth with visual impairments in Cluj county in joint activities with children without visual impairments as the most practical means of realizing an initiative to integrate them:

  • psychological counseling with the objective of developing self-esteem and self-confidence

  • developing life skills

  • joint activities with children and youth volunteers without visual impairments (camps, trips, Open Day events).