Project Partners

PONTES Association: The promoter of the project is an entity that for 8 years implemented projects and actions meeting the mission to promote and contribute to helping people with visual impairments and cumulative deficiencies; to form and cultivate public opinion about issues related to people with visual impairments and to collaborate with similar legal entities, domestic or foreign, which constitutes a guarantee for the continuation of current project activities. Since the members of the association are mainly people with visual impairments, they have an interest in the project activities to be conducted even  after completion of the project, keeping and motivating policymakers and professionals involved in the network, multiplying activities and positive results in other communities in the region or country that were not included in the project.

Department of Social and Medical Assistance, organized as a public service under the authority of the Local Council of Cluj-Napoca- it’s role is to identify and solve the social problems of the community, namely the protection of the rights of children, families, single persons deprived, dependent elderly persons, persons with deficiencies and any people in social risk.

ASCOR Cluj: the activity of the organization is the discovery and practice of faith and spirituality of Christian Orthodoxy, as well as youth involvement in church life through a range of activities.